Off-page seo optimization

Off-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO is the efforts of search engine optimization of external websites.
Optimizing of the website, or on-page SEO alone is often not enough to get a high ranking in the search results. Especially for new websites that do not have an audience, unless the competition is a pretty low keyword.Off-page seo optimization

Why backlinks are very important

To understand the importance of off-page SEO, I will explain a little about the relationship between search engines and links.
Search engines like Google have a bot that served to crawl on the internet. Google’s crawlers name Googlebot
Googlebot moves from website to website through the links listed on every page of the website. From the data gathered by Googlebot, was composed of a sequence index and rank websites.
Because Googlebot uses links as navigation, a website that has a link from the outside will get a high priority. As more and more high-quality links, the better the ranking of the website.
This is why links from other websites (backlinks) play an important role in SEO.

One link building strategy

Off-page SEO has a dark side in them.
There are those who want to raise the ranking of the website but are too lazy to create quality content and marketing, instead, they just rely on link building.
Link building is supporting the website’s content, without having good content, you should not do link building. Because in addition to download, the result could be a penalty from Google.
Good link building process is always associated with marketing and content marketing. Not through spamming and use of bots or software automation.
There are several forms of backlinks that are not favored by search engines because it is often misused.

Here are some of them:

  1. exchanging links, Way that is very popular in the mid to late 2000s, exchanging links directly no positive benefit again.
  2. Buying links and use backlink services, Buying links is the possibility to raise the ranking quickly but usually will not last long because you will be exposed to penalties from Google.
  3. Comment on blogs & forums, The links that you get from a comment in the blog does not provide a great benefit, as well as forums. But they often become land spam.
  4. Auto-approve link, All forms of links are not through moderation of the website owner. That is the direct link appears when inserting your website address.
  5. Using bot software, There is some software/tool which can be used to get links automatically, but the link you get low quality and can actually damage the website.
  6. Private Blog Network, That is a collection of blogs that are owned by one person who only functioned as a farm backlink to their main website. Google is actively penalizing the blog network like this.
  7. spam, In any form, spamming techniques will not provide a positive benefit to you.
    Links are obtained by the above methods are usually low quality. The maximum result you can get is ranked high in the short term, then penalized by Google.

Therefore it is better to avoid this kind of technique.
As with on-page SEO, the quality is very influential. Even off-page SEO is more sensitive to quality.
That is like this.
Even if you have a website and content is good, if you do off-page optimization techniques that violated as above then you will not escape punishment.
Because of the importance of link building, then further guidance to get quality links will be discussed in the next chapter.

The relationship between content and backlink

Content = on-page, off-page backlinks =. Is there a relationship between content and backlinks?
Incredibly there. Here is an excerpt from Bing.
If the value that you have worked so hard to instill in your site is evident to them, they will assist Reviews their own customers by linking back to your site. That, my friend, is the essence of link building.
Roughly means like this,
If your website does have a value (value) and the value is visible to others, then they will be happy to provide a link to you. This is the essence of link building.
To provide value, then you must have quality content. To demonstrate this value to others, you have to do marketing content.
So content marketing is the “source” for your primary backlink.

Social media and off-page SEO

The effects of social media on SEO is a debate that has not ended.
Some people say influence, some say only Google+ influential, the rest say absolutely no effect.
So actually important is social media marketing?
Although there is nothing to do with SEO. Social media is one of the best ways to introduce your website to the crowd.
As discussed above, in addition to having quality content you also have to show this content to others. Therefore social media is the right place for this.
When others see your content and are interested, they could be going back recommend you to others to share, like, and so on.
This is why you need to be active in social media to market your website.

Factors ranking off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is a game of the popularity of websites. In determining the popularity of a website, Google uses a variety of factors.
We already know that backlinks are the primary factors in off-page SEO. But not just any backlink a positive impact.
Here is a determining factor ranking of external websites.

  1. Anchor text in backlinks

    1. Anchor text used in the link is read by the search engines as keywords. The website you get extra points in the text that is used as an anchor.
      However, using the same anchor repeatedly will have a positive impact again.
      You need to know if the first page there are two links to your website and both have a different anchor, Google uses the first anchor.
  2. Quality backlinks

    1. A quality backlink provides a much more powerful influence than unqualified. But what determines the quality of a backlink?
      reputation website
      liveliness website
      similarity topic
      Backlink placement in the website
      DoFollow and nofollow
      The similarity of language
      age backlink
      Regarding the placement, which has the best quality backlinks are placed in the text. The term contextual links.
      This is because Google read what was in the text surrounding the link and decided in the context of what the link is installed. As a result, your website will get points for that keyword.
  3. Number of backlinks

    1. Number of backlinks
      The more backlinks you have, the better.
      But not only that.
      Quantity should be in line with the quality. If you only get backlinks from websites that do not have a reputation, it is not counted as a positive factor.
  4. Social Reputation

    1. Social Reputation
      Google can understand the sentiment in every comment. This means that every time your website appeared later appeared negative comments from others, it will be bad.
      Similarly, contrary to the positive sentiment which had a positive impact.
  5. Diversity backlink

    1. Diversity backlink
      There are several types of backlinks, one of them mentioned earlier that contextual links. In addition, there are more like blog comments, profile, bio, widgets, advertorials, directory, etc.
      Too much of one type of backlinks will not provide the optimum effect.
      Logically, if we get backlinks naturally then this type of backlink will vary. This is why search engines use diversity as a factor.
  6. Social Activities

    1.  Social Activities
      Websites that are active on social websites such as social media and social networking means popular.
      Social activity of a website can be seen as one of the measuring devices such as the number of shares to social networking. But remember the positive and negative sentiment.
  7. Personal factors users

    1. Personal factors users
      Since Google implements personalized search, the search results in the same keyword can be different for each Google account.
      It is influenced by several factors such as:

      1. Ever least a user visits a website
      2. The level of user satisfaction to a website
      3. Country and language
      4. Whether a website ever to be shared by his friend

You should know that the search engine has never issued an official list of factors that influence the rankings because it factors in the above-obtained empirically.

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